About Us

Who are Tranquilitea?

TranquiliTea is a small boutique seller of fine tea. Based in the lush green countryside of Wales, UK,  we're here to provide you with the finest hand picked tea and, when the mood strikes, coffee, from around the world.

Established in 2016 we take pride that every item we sell we've personally tasted & selected from an exhaustive selection supplied from reputable growers and importers throughout the globe.  Where possible we've also embraced local growers and roasters too!

Isn't Tea just... well.. tea?

Nooooo...! Just like an apple isn't just any old apple, tea is a huge myriad of flavours, smells and textures.  We want to offer you blends, flavours and sensations that you'll be hard pressed to get anywhere else.

Our blenders take time to tweak and tease out a fresh blend combining the freshest and highest quality ingredients to bring you the flavour combinations to delight and refresh.  Each blend will be exhaustively taste tested internally before our blenders will give approval for retail sale.  Often our batches are so unique that no two will ever be exactly the same.

Our blenders adhere to strict food hygiene policy during packaging and blending our brews at all times and are certified to City & Guilds Level 2 Food Hygiene for Catering which is above and beyond what would be needed in this instance but we like to go that extra mile.

Fancy trying it yourself?

Well you can with our unique Build-My-Brew system.  Simply choose the ingredients you'd like to try and our blenders will portion them out into your desired weight.  They'll likely put in equal measures though so if you want it differently then just let us know at time of ordering.

What's a "Boutique" tea supplier?

We're small.  I mean really small and that's by design from the outset.  We want to concentrate on bringing you unusual blends and custom flavours.  To stock the old favourites as well as something a little new, something to challenge the palate or bring back memories of childhood.  We can't compete with the likes of Twinnings or Whittards for bulk but we sure can in terms of quality, attention to detail and that personal something extra.  In those respects we hope to go beyond what the mass market can offer.

We hope you enjoy your blends and various paraphernalia from us.  We hope you can taste the time and effort that's gone in to making sure you have a cracking brew to curl your hands around.

Michelle and the rest of the Tranquilitea team.